Marussia Beverages Export

About us

Marussia Beverages Export GmbH & Co KG serves as the main sales & logistic hub for the Group & Agency brands, working on behalf of the Marussia Beverages Affiliates and independent third party importers across 60+ countries.

A focus on sales

Based in Austria, Marussia Beverages Export GmbH & Co KG counts 10 employees in International Sales and Customer Service. The international sales team has established direct relationships with a network of independent importers all over the world and is doing business on all continents incl. Global Travel Retail. Its comprehensive portfolio consists of the Group’s sparkling wines, sakes and spirits and selected partner brands, such as RL SEALES rums from Barbados.

Brand building

Marussia Beverages Export has a track record and strong experience in brand building in many markets of the world. By capturing and anticipating trends, the structure creates new brands and line extensions across all categories and develops the necessary tools to launch, activate and grow these brands in each market.

Solid support

Marussia Beverages Export operates a logistics hub located in Vienna/Achau, in Austria. Thanks to its effective systems, it provides efficient delivery terms and conditions to match customers’ needs for a wide range of services ranging from packaging to re-packaging.